New Construction & Remodels

No site is too big or too small for North State. From one-room remodels to multi-story new construction, we’ll haul off as much concrete, stone, asphalt, dirt, lumber and other debris as your job demands. With one-time or weekly recurring pickup, you never have to think about waste disposal—just get us scheduled, and we’ll take it from there.

Weekly Bin Clean Out

  • 4′ x 8′ bins picked up weekly
  • Scheduled, automatic pickup service
  • Best for medium or large construction sites

How It Works:

Get An Estimate

Contact us to determine which debris removal solution will best suit your needs and budget.

Schedule Delivery

Let us know when you need it—we can deliver within 24 hours from the time you call.

Load Up

Subcontractors dispose of waste, debris and junk from the job site. We haul off → bins are cleaned out weekly by our crew per scheduled arrangement.

We Haul Off

Schedule pickup, either one-time or weekly, and we’ll haul it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is based off of square footage for the project. Call for additional details. 

Your job site will be added to our weekly route schedule and our crew will be once a week to clean out the 4×8 bin. Additional pickups can be scheduled at an extra cost.

Normal rental agreement is for a maximum of 14 days not including delivery or pickup day. Any day past 14 is $7 rental fee per day.

12 yd — 2 tons

16 yd — 2.5 tons

30 — 3.5 tons

40 — 4.5 tons

Over tonage fee is $65 for each additional ton.

Adhesives, Asbestos, Batteries, Cleaning Products, Contaminated Soil, Food Waste, Fuels, Infectious Waste, Industrial Drums and Waste, Ink, Motor Oils, Paints, Refrigerants, Tires – if you think an item may be dangerous to dispose of, it probably is. Please call to ask if your item may be prohibited to avoid any fees or issues.

Our team will help you determine the safest and most convenient location to place the dumpster—somewhere that makes loading easier and won’t damage existing structures or landscaping.

Yes, you certainly can. Our crew is available to assist with heavy lifting and large volumes of debris.

Credit Cards are kept on file until dump day.

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